The recording process. Diary entry #1.

When you don’t have a band, and even when you do, the recording process is a sequence of trials and errors. Doing and trying different things until something is figured out or established or until a lot is recorded. But then… you experience those moments of magic that make all of the failed attempts worth while. 

Fortunately, James of Dirty Little Secret ( is kindly gracing my album with his sick bass playing. 

Likewise, Garrett of Foreign Born ( is rocking the drums. He is an incredible drummer and a very nice fellow. Along with Chris, when he is not in the control room. 

Chris (, Los Angeles based producer extraordinaire has helped produce and engineer albums for artists like Nada Surf, Jimmy Eat World, and Vast. He is nothing short of genius. And he is actually producing, engineering, mixing and drumming on my album?! 

Chris in the control room.

Chris from afar.

This is what Chris looks like when he’s concentrating.

Garrett and James listening to the songs to refresh their memory.


Figuring out the parts, I would be sitting behind that rhodes but I took the picture.

Dirty Little Secret

Foreign Born

Ben=sound engineer + me


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