The Recording Process. Diary entry #3

BASS continued.

Unfortunately, James had to cease working on my project in order to tend to his own band. I am grateful for his contributions though. Meeting with him and Garret to jam on the songs resulted in the drum parts that we ended up recording. Did I mention that this recording thing is a process? 

Fortunately, Eva Gardner came to the rescue. Eva has been playing bass in bands since the age of 14. I imagine she was one of those super-cool kids that everyone wanted be, she is still that way actually. Eva exudes confidence and her bass playing is phenomenal. She takes great inspiration in her father, Kim Gardner, a bassist who was part of the British Rock Invasion of the 60s and 70s. Eva has toured extensively with various bands in the US, Europe and Japan where she most recently performed shows opening for the Rolling Stones in the UK. She also played bass and toured with The Mars Volta when they first started in the summer of 2001. Eva is currently in a band, which I really, really love. They are called Lyra. I highly recommend listening. 

Visit Lyra’s Website 

Visit Lyra’s Myspace 


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