Brittain Ashford and the Pretty Girls’

I went to the Hotel Café last night because my friend Theo Craig was in town and accompanying Brittain Ashford on her West Coast Tour. By the end of the show I was quite smitten by her charm. Miss Ashford bangs on obscure Appalachian folk instruments and sings with conviction despite the occasional rude audience member who continues to converse. Theo (bass) and Gary (drums), also known as the Pretty Girls’, were lovely as well.

I especially enjoyed “Not Here, But Somewhere, which made me think of some of my favorites, Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez. Actually, Ashford’s mouth reminded me of Joni Mitchell’s mouth. Listen here:

Of course I purchased her album, “There, But For You, Go I” (released on Paris-based Waterhouse Records) along with 3 awesome pins (I couldn’t help myself, they’re so cute).

Visit Brittain Ashford on Myspace:


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