Claire Carre + To Fill the Void music video…

Introducing Claire Carré, a director extraordinaire, who I recently had the privilege of working with. She has worked on feature films, television, music videos, commercials, and a documentary as a director’s assistant, including working for directors Patty Jenkins (on “Monster”), Damon Wayans, and Adria Petty. Claire is now and has recently created music videos for bands such as Brett Dennen, Rainer Maria, and Sia.

Check out this PHENOMNENAL video for Sia’s, “Soon We’ll Be Found” directed by Claire Carré.

For better resolution go to:

“To Fill the Void” music video shoot:

The video shoot was amazing and watching Claire at work (in her element) was even more amazing!! As a director, she is/was brilliant, talented, professional, patient, focused, a fantastic communicator. She also brought a great crew on board, all of whom were excellent at their job and incredibly nice, a winning combination. We shot it at a Diner just outside of Manhattan. The diner owner, Victor was so excited to have us there, especially since he also got to act in the video, that made him quite happy. The guy who filmed the video has done notable work in the past and I was really honored to work with him. Sasha took photos all day long and captured every fleeting moment, from the crew to the cast to Victor in the Kitchen. The cast, selected by Claire, was comprised of aspiring actors who are passionate about their art as they didn’t get paid and participated for the sake of experience and content for their resume. The “biker” guy, who I drop the pancake on and who has a tattoo all over his head (and other various parts of his body), looks intimidating BUT believe me, he is the biggest sweetheart ever!!

The premise of the video is that I work at a diner doing dishes and chopping onions. I get asked to fill in for the waitress temporarily and I’m thrilled to have a moment to shine! I make a happy face with maple syrup on the pancakes before I take them out. As I bring the dish to the biker guy, I trip and drop the plate and the pancakes on the floor. As a result, I get fired. I steal the restaurant’s plates, leave, stare at the sky and  throw the plates into the air. They fly away like little saucers.

Photos, courtesy of Sasha Strauss

Claire Carré and Todd Somodevilla

The entire cast!

Film Stills


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