One night stand with Morning Becomes Eclectic or better yet, Nic Harcourt

On Tuesday, January 15th, 2008, at precisely 11:32 am, Nic Harcourt played my song “To Fill the Void” on Morning Becomes Eclectic. What a sweet surprise to hear myself on the radio, sharing the airwaves with Sia, Iron and Wine!! Shortly there-after my inbox overflowed with emails from excited friends and fans (I hate saying fans, can we come up with a better term?) who had been listening to KCRW at the time my song was played. Text messages, phone calls, Myspace comments, eager to inform me of the news 😉 I confess, it was a rush and I thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiasm!

But, it wasn’t long before I started to wonder, “what does this mean?”… Was it a one time thing? Will he play the track again? Yes, very similar indeed to a one-night stand, particularly the stereotypical female experience, where she lays in the bed next to her lover in mental turmoil after the fact. If you don’t know what I mean, we can discuss it in detail some time over tea. Again, I said stereotypical, the assumption that she wants more, that she is or will be emotionally attached is the stereotype (and boy do I have a tangent about that).

Another KCRW DJ, Eric J. Lawrence also gave the song some love on his show Dragnet, and I have much to say about him but Eric gets his very own blog post!

Now, after 10 years at the station Nic Harcourt has announced that he is leaving Morning Becomes Eclectic, which occupied the airwaves Monday-Friday from 9a.m.-12p.m. He is still doing a weekly Sunday night show at 6-9 p.m., but after November 30th, his tenure is through.


One response to “One night stand with Morning Becomes Eclectic or better yet, Nic Harcourt

  1. W00T! You deserve radio play! I hope you get more spins.

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