Guest blogger #1: Jon Meyers

A little feature was done on the blog I write that began with, “The introduction to this blogger interview is simple: Jon Meyers loves music. Period.”

I thought to myself for a second, “Well, that seems odd. Doesn’t everybody, really?” But thinking it through further, I had to admit to myself that as grand as that opening statement was, it’s not entirely true. To be fair, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the aural mathematics for some time now. Indeed I often joke that I chose a poor time (about a year and a half ago) to begin a music blog.

Subconsciously at the time I believe I was thinking that something needed to be done in response to our download culture that eschews anything you could actually hold in your hand – the ipod notwithstanding. Something like a record, for example. And that music these days should just sorta’, kinda’ be good. Like it once was. Or something.

So, I was off blathering into the blogosphere which itself sorta’, kinda’ took on a life of its own with the subsequent responsibility to keep the thing updated and current and well, it became a bit of a task, really. And ‘tasks’ tend to have the ability to dilute the initial enthusiasm I’ve discovered. Or, perhaps I should say: so much music for music’s sake.

But I was sitting on my couch the other evening pondering the coming day’s blog posts and an additional post Leerone had so graciously offered right here on her blog. The couch faces out the window and across the way to the other wing of apartments in my building. First there was one…then
two…then THREE people all on their cell phones–gesturing wildly and pacing about in silhouette in their own spaces. “Sheez,” I thought, “those folks need a stereo and some mu–”

They’re most likely telling the person on the other end about the guy across the way with his music up real loud who’s shimmying around like an idiot. “I’m telling you, I can see him CLEAR AS DAY…”

(See, I DO love music.)

These ten were on in the back when that became clear:

Bee and Flower – Don’t Say Don’t Worry 01-dont-say-dont-worry
The Bathers – Dreamless 02-dreamless
L.E.O. – Distracted 04-distracted
Harry Nilsson – City Life 06-city-life
Magnet – Little Miss More Or Less 07-little-miss-more-or-less
Danny Wilson – Pleasure To Pleasure 08-pleasure-to-pleasure
Portastatic – When Love Breaks Down 09-when-love-breaks-down
The Changes – Her, You And I 11-her-you-and-i
Paul Michel – Backup Plan 12-backup-plan-mix
David Sylvian – Heartbeat (Tainai Kaiki II) 13-heartbeat-tainai-kaiki-ii


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