A nickel for a nose…

I played a show in San Francisco not too long ago and, being the absent-minded artist that I (sometimes) am, I forgot a piece of gear at the venue. Not to worry, my equipment was rescued by a gentleman at John Murray Productions who mailed the equipment  back to me several days later. Look at the precious message I found from him at the bottom of the box!!

Two dimes for the eyes and a nickel for a nose!


4 responses to “A nickel for a nose…

  1. OMG, that’s soo cute! Did you send a CD?

  2. If I ask you for a CD in a creative way, will you send me one?

  3. I did send a CD!!

  4. Hey Leerone!

    I DID get the CD!!!! Sorry for not responding until now, love your music & thanks for the CD [i remember when you played at Fresh Faces here in SF] – glad you liked our little message in the box – its the little things that make us laugh and keep us sane 🙂

    good luck!

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