Two music videos under my belt!!

To Fill the Void [Official Music Video]

Directed by Claire Carré (Brett Dennen, Sia, Rainer Maria), To Fill the Void depicts Leerone as a starry-eyed dishwasher at a roadside diner. The clip culminates with Leerones workaday character earning a chance to accomplish the most modest of dreams. When asked to fill in for the waitress temporarily, Leerone is thrilled to have a moment to shine! The video was conceived by Leerone and Carré, whose résumé includes directors assistant on the award-winning Patty Jenkins film Monster and was filmed in NYC.

Click here to see previous post on the making of the music video.

CREW CREDITS: Zachary Zimmerman (Producer), Stephen Bruckert (Assistant Director), Todd Somodevilla (Director of Photography), Brandon Sumner (Assistant Camera), Chris Heikel (Gaffer), John Dianda (Key Grip), Steven Little (Art Director), Karen Lanyi (Hair & Make-up), Tristan Kneschke (Film Editor), Antoine Blanche(PA), Halavah Sofsky (PA), Kenneth Yagual (PA), Katie Maguire (PA & “Comics fan”).

CAST CREDITS: Sharry Galloway (“Mother”), Jermaine Richards (“Son”), Alberto Lazo (“Break-up Couple”), Steven Camarena (“Kitchen Friend”), Keith McNicholas (extra), Karl Schroder (extra), Edward Webb (“Diner Owner”), Richard Ruperto (“Club Kid”), Danny Boushebel (“Regular”), Armando Tavarez (“Artist”), Shawn Farrell (“Businessman”), Alex Melendez (“Club Kid”), Sara  Courtney (“Break-up Couple”), Janet Gruener (“Waitress”), Timothy Corscadden (“Biker”), Victor (“diner”),  Sarah Cho (“diner”).


One response to “Two music videos under my belt!!

  1. Great song, great video!
    Keep up the good work!

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