SXSW 2009 – Cold War Kids – Part I.

Part I. Before the show

I arrived to the Cold War Kids show 2 hours early. I was determined to be in the very front in order to have an unobstructed view when taking photographs. I brought flyers with me, the flyers advertise my free download offer on my website, along with labels to stick onto the flyers while I waited. The labels included my show information (my show was the following day). I would later hand out flyers to any willing recipients. I was pleasantly surprised when three lovely ladies who saw me at work kindly offered to help me with the tedious task (Kelly, Amulya & Charu). Then, another sweet soul joined, and then another and another. After conversing, I learned that they were all Austin natives. Their generosity left me thinking that Austin people are awesome!!


One response to “SXSW 2009 – Cold War Kids – Part I.

  1. I can tell from having lived in and performed in ATX for 4 years now that they are great people who really are interested in LIVE MUSIC.

    I checked out your site after looking at the other peeps who won an IMA award and looked at your video and website. Very cool stuff indeed…really like your music too.

    Did you have a good SXSW showcase? Nice job on the promo skills too. I’ll have to tell my band about it and about you.

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