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Raw Rhythms – Leerone

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I performed on a live streaming web show called Raw Rhythms last night with the lovely string quartet that accompanied me at the Troubadour this last Saturday night. The show is or was hosted by Katie Scanlon and Megan Marlow, who usually interview the guest artist or band and mediate between comments and questions that come in online on a live chat feed. However, they were not present last night so I had to wing it on my own!! Speaking to a camera is definitely something I need to practice, I realized this when attempting to create video web blogs (I’m still trying). 

The show is meant to showcase the artist but more so, provide a place for “fans” or as I prefer to say, band members (me + you = the band) to interact with the guest artist/band through questions and comments that are fielded through a live chat room feed and instant messages. In other words, viewers can send instant messages to us during the show and THANK YOU to those that actually did!! I didn’t get to see all of the comments but I responded to those that I did see. It’s not quite as gratifying as meeting face to face but for those of my friends who are on the other side of the globe or even in Athens, GA (Jon Lester!)- it’s a special treat and now we are one step closer to making real contact 😉

Link is above if you would like to watch the performance and awkward banter. Stay tuned for my video blogs, coming soon… Thanks to Brian Gramo, owner of The Stream. 

Photo by Michael Modecki


2 responses to “Leerone on TheStream.TV

  1. Finally got a chance to watch! Nothing beats a live performance when you’re actually there to see it live, but this was great! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Hey! I’m glad the photo came in handy. Hope things are well with you. 🙂

    – Michael

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