My music on Air New Zealand!

Every year Air New Zealand carries more than 8 million passengers on domestic flights. I recently flew on Air New Zealand and aside from the impressive passenger service and tasty meals, I had the privilege of experiencing first-hand my music on their entertainment system.¬†Each seat in the airplane has a small touch screen monitor built into the head rest of the chair in front and offers a selection of movies, TV shows, games and music. Clearly, they have good taste in music ūüėČ ¬†Other artists include Coldplay, Beyonce, PJ Harvey…


Show at El Rey Theatre – 7/10/09

Polaroids &  More Show Photos by Lizanne Webb:


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Simple pleasures

I was sitting on my piano bench, writing music and drinking a beverage. My cup was sweating due to the heat (well, due to condensation). When I picked up the cup, something very sweet was left on the bench and it made me quite happy.

Disarming lyrics

In one word, Regina Spektor’s¬†new album Far is precious. An example of this such preciousness is best illustrated in her disarming lyrics.

From the song Folding Chair (track 4), she says:

“I have a perfect body. Just sometimes I forget. I have a perfect body cause my eyelashes catch my sweat.”

If that’s not utterly precious, I’m not sure what is?!

Folding Chair

Leerone MP3 Downloads – now available @

Per the request of many of my fans, I now sell mp3 downloads on my webstore. Artist direct is the way to go and remember, if you buy something tangible, I make my packages with the utmost love and care.

Some things are just precious…

Randy Newman live, playing piano & singing Feels Like Home.

Show at the Key Club – 5/29/09

Vast was awesome last night, I opened for them at the Key Club. Polaroids of my band members (me+you=the band) are on my Flickr page!

Key Club 1


Photos courtesy of Lizanne Webb.