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My music featured on Party Girl Plus One…

Party Girl Plus One is a new web series by Jennifer Dawson. Follow Party Girl through hilarious recounts of her dating diary post divorce as she narrates what we all do wrong in looking for love. “Care for some whiskey?” is featured in Episode 3! Of all the guys to date, Party Girl picks the one guy whose got worse break-up issues then she does. As he cries like a baby, she realizes she’s not alone in the business of self flagellation. http://www.PartyGirlPlusOne.com

“Care for some whiskey?” named the winner of the music video category – The 8th Annual Independent Music Awards


“The Independent Music Awards is an influential & effective international program that helps top-ranked indie artists & releases overcome mainstream obstacles and reach millions of Fans, Programmers, Talent Buyers, Film, TV & Gaming Music Supervisors, Press and other industry movers & shakers. It is not a contest or battle of the bands. IMA artists receive yearlong print, online & broadcast promotions plus distribution & performance opportunities. The IMAs represent the diversity of today’s vibrant indie scene and supports artists with previous major label releases as well as artists that have only self-released or appeared on indie labels.”

Congratulations to Hank Friedmann, the director and animator extraordinaire, whose brilliant work deserves the utmost recognition and appreciation.

A 50-person judging panel consisting of influential artists and industry decision makers including Peter Gabriel, Suzanne Vega, Roger Daltrey, George Jones, Buddy Guy, Keith Urban, James “Blood” Ulmer, Butch Walker,
Paquito D’Rivera, Lee Ritenour, and others determined this year’s
Winners in 50+ Music and Design categories.

“Care for some whiskey?” was chosen from thousands of submissions worldwide, including the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Cuba, China, Mongolia, Republic of Guinea, Israel, South Africa, Italy, France and Sweden. 

In case you haven’t seen it…

Care for some whiskey? [Official Music Video]


A lot of love went into my very first music video. Love + the blood, sweat and tears of Hank Friedmann, director & animator extraordinaire. He built the sets, made the characters, animated and directed the video. Brilliant. I’m his #1 fan.



Hank Friedmann – Director & Animator extraordinaire

Hank Friedmann was born in Long Beach, California on Super Bowl Sunday, 1985. Despite being born on Football’s holy day, he had neither the interest in nor the build for pursuing a career in sports. Instead, he became enraptured with the world of film and animation. 

Hank’s foray into the world of filmmaking began in elementary school as a ploy to get easy A’s, and in-so-doing set a new bar for book reports. Then, for his Bar Mitzvah, his parents bought him a top-of-the-line VHS camcorder, securing his place as the kid in the neighborhood with the video camera. 

As the years passed, Hank worked in sound on television & features, created the Transdimensional Short Film Festival, and produced and directed the UCLA sketch comedy program Fireside Chats. He currently works in commercial and music video editorial at Final Cut LA. He stand 5’10”, weighs 150 lbs., and is ready to take on Mr. T’s inspirational charge: to be somebody, rather than being somebody’s fool.









Whiskey still LeeroneLeerone



 VIDEO BY Hank Friedmann (hankfriedmann@gmail.com)



HAIR & MAKE-UP Jennifer Nudelman

COLORIST Marcelo Aprile (R!OT)  


Final Cut LA

Ryan Johnson

Jen Menjivar

The Mill


Kiayan Reuter

Matthew Sherman

Viet-An Nguyen

The Friedmanns

Sasha Strauss

The Milsteins




AJ & LarkinA.J. & Larkin

Photos by Sasha Strauss